Our Story

Alivate is a New Zealand manufactured activewear brand made from regenerated waste, founded on the basis of minimising fast fashion and consumerism by thoughtfully designed pieces that compliment the female body and the planet these bodies roam. 

Made with women in mind - Alivate is a lifestyle brand that encourages all women to do better for themselves, in all forms of life through the creation of movement pieces that are better for our planet + our minds, body and lifestyle.

Alivate has the mission of raising and lifting something to a higher position through our practises of slow production, collaboration with local & ethical suppliers and manufacturers, regenerated material selection + considerate packaging and transportation selections.

Inspired by her love for nature, the ocean and adventure, Alice founded Alivate determined to make a positive difference. The ‘Alivate Attitude’ is to better the world, the New Zealand manufacturing industry and the pieces we choose to invest in through waste minimisation, high quality regenerated fabric selection, affordability, circularity, local production, longevity and minimalistic flare.

There is nothing sexier than caring for our planet - so why not feel great doing it.